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BUBBLES AND BUMPS is our story of friendship, fertility treatment, pregnancy and parenting.

We share all of our experiences to help inform, support and offer light relief for anyone trying to understand the crazy world of growing a family the ‘science assisted’ way.  Plus it’s cheaper than therapy. We talk openly about everything from amazing recipe ideas (Cam is a super chef) to the more challenging subjects of miscarriage and IVF.



CAM AND SIMONE met 8 years ago through their husbands (who are best friends). Not long after getting hitched they both embarked on the baby making path. But it wasn’t so easy.

After both going through a long list of fertility treatments, drugs and miscarriages there’s been a lot of bumps in the road and a lot of revelations. Armed with this experience and information they decided to share their stories and dramas in an attempt to dispel the stigmas around infertility and help women going through the same journey.


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SIMONE is a 37 year old Liverpool lass living in LA. With over 12 years based in London and working as a TV producer on some weird and wonderful shows. Simone is passionate about nutrition, meditation and yoga and has a yoga alliance 200hr yoga teacher training qualification.

She and her husband have been trying to conceive for 4 years and have had a medley of fertility treatment in London and LA that includes clomid, intralipids, 4 IUI treatments and 4 IVF cycles. Currently at a new fertility clinic ‘California Fertility Partners’ with Dr Baek who has been focusing on the root causes and addressing these.

Her: Irregular cycles: addressed with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, MTHFR: 2 gene mutations, septate uterus: addressed with hysteroscopy resection Nov 2016.

Him: Low Morphology and DNA fragmentation – addressed with supplements and varicole repair in Feb 2016.

Photo Credit: www.cyshootsphotos.com

Photo Credit: www.cyshootsphotos.com









CAMELLA is a 35 year old Southern Cali girl with huge passion for life, food, and travel. She got married in September 2013 to Toby and after going through 2 painful miscarriages and then seeking fertility help (IVF), she gave birth to Evangeline Mia Gorman July 15, 2015. It was not the easiest journey getting there and she’s grateful for all the love and support from readers, family and friends. She recently stepped away from TV production (working on American Idol after 11 years) to pursue motherhood as well as her dream career as a chef. Attending culinary school years back has finally paid off and she is currently putting her skills into use as a private chef. Along with being a first time mom, she explores all sorts of creative outlets: cooking, blogging, traveling, making jewelry and spending a lot of time with her newborn, family, friends, namely her neighbor Simone.


BENTLEY is our 3.5 year old Morkie (maltese, yorkie) mascot. We adopted him in November 2011 and he is more than just our dog. He’s an emotional support dog, our writing buddy, and a big part of our growing family. How can you have a bad day when you look at that face! Sean and Simone look after him quite a lot too, so you’ll be reading about him from time to time in our posts.



EVANGELINE is our “Rainbow Baby“. Born in July 2015, with the help of IVF, she is the light of our lives and gives me so much more to write about. Parenthood is not easy, but having amazing support from so many people (and the internet) have helped us through some sleep deprived nights. “Evy” loves to smile and giggle all day and is training to become a foodie just like her mom.