ivf process

Simone – A month of celebration and commiseration.  The highs: my birthday, traveling to London and seeing my family and friends. The lows: One big on, our IVF No3 attempt failed.

April 3rd – Embryo Transfer day.  Based on our past embryos not making it to day 5 blastocyst stage we decided to transfer on day 3 after egg retrieval.  Our doctor said we had 2 perfect looking embryos so we put those back in and left the other 3 to freeze if they grow to blastocyst.  Things were looking promising as our embryos in the past had never been such good quality.  Now to get through 2 days of bed rest and no carbs.

April 5th – The embryologist called to say the other 3 stopped growing after day 3.  This was a huge blow to us as we now had none to freeze.  All hopes are now resting on the 2 inside me.

April 8th – My birthday, Cam treated me to a divine lunch at The Ivy (lucky me!) and then later that night we met a group of our lovely friends and feasted on a tasty Italian dinner at Terroni.  Even though I wasn’t drinking it was the perfect birthday, I felt very lucky to have made such amazing people since moving to LA.

April 10th We travel to London and reunite with my wonderful family and friends, many I haven’t seen in 1 year!

April 12th – I do my first early test today (12 days after retrieval) and sadly it’s negative.  I try to remain hopeful that it could be too early but we wont know for sure until 16th when I have my hCG blood test.  That night I meet the family at Brasserie Zedel to celebrate my mums 60th (shhhh she’s only 21 really).

embryo transfer

April 14th – Head up North to Preston to celebrate my dads 60th (yep he’s only 21 too).

April 16th – The blood test confirms we are not pregnant.  We have had a few days of early testing to let this sink in but the confirmation still stinks.

April 18th – I meet up with some of my best friends and have a BIG day/ night out.  We started off at Shoreditch House for an amazing lunch in the sunshine with lots of rose wine and ended up at Hoxton Hotel in Holborn for dinner and more drinks, it’s very debauch but the perfect therapy for me right now.ivf procedure

April 20th – I fly back to LA to meet my husband who had to come home early for work.  It feels lovely to come home but also quite sad.  Without the distractions of seeing my ferinds and family the reality is we are not pregnant so I know I must face up to this. Time to see the therapist!

April 22nd – After a few long chats about what to do next we decide it’s best to take a break from everything fertility related and focus on having some fun.  The first thing we plan is a getaway to San Francisco for our anniversary next month as well as a very exciting trip to Burning Man Festival in Sept.  This is a once in a lifetime adventure and something we’ve always wanted to do so we’re really excited.

April 26th – My husband is working away so a friend Jenn kindly invited me to come stay at her lovely home in Palm Desert for a few days.  This really is the prefect retreat and it’s so much fun laying in the sun, hanging out with her and her family, drinking Prosecco and doing a few grueling Tabata workouts –  I think I’m going to be in pain for the next few days…



CAMELLA- A month of hope, Simone’s Bday, retirement, more tests and a whole lot of baby kicks.

Belly is getting bigger, but my energy is still in full gear. This month I’m about 20 lbs heavier throughout the month, but surprisingly, I feel amazing. I started this month by finishing my big cooking project for a client and I couldn’t be happier. 12 hours on my feet was starting to take a toll on my body (pregnant or not). Just one more big party this month and I will be officially retiring to prepare for maternity (I say that now).

April 8th– Simone’s Bday! After she underwent IVF just a few days before, Simone and I celebrate her day at the Ivy in Beverly Hills along with hope and prayer that everything will turn out the way we always imagined. The 2 week wait is the absolute pits, and I’m just so proud of all her hard work these past few months… no one is more deserving of a positive pregnancy stick than my wing girl. I’m just glad she has a trip planned to go back to the UK to reconnect with her friends and family after being gone a whole year (although I really wished I could have gone too) Crossing fingers!!!

Update: My husband and I received the news from across the globe that that Simone is not pregnant. My hopes and dreams were shattered upon hearing the news. I just love this girl so much for all her strength, perseverance, and positive light. We’ve come so far together in our journey and everything seemed to have lined up so perfectly this time. The timing is just not the way we had envisioned, but maybe there is a greater plan and we all just have to have faith that it will happen when it’s meant to happen. Still praying…

April 18th– My first prenatal massage. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal worth noting in my diary, but wow… it is a game changer. Carrying 20 lbs doesn’t seem like it could take a toll, but my body was full of knots. The masseuse used a bolster for me to lay on my side and then had me switch sides halfway through. I need to schedule more of these in the next few months… absolutely heavenly.

April 22nd 27 week OB appointment. I had to wait a whole month, but not any more… after this appointment, I am schivf resultseduled to come in every 2 weeks until delivery! So exciting because the finishing line seems so close… yet so far away. My baby girl was kicking up a storm and I can see her chubby cheeks already! I am just so in love with this little nugget and cannot wait to meet her. After the ultrasound, that I insisted on doing, I was given the dreaded glucose test this time to test for gestational diabetes. With all the sugar I’ve been craving and eating since December, I figured I was screwed. Diabetes runs in my family as well, so I was not excited to take this test. Turns out, sugar intake and genetics have nothing to do with it what so ever. Thank God! I was given the flat tasting orange Fanta soda (not bad) and had to wait an hour before they drew my blood to see if my body metabolizes sugar properly.

Update: I tested negative for gestational diabetes (yay!) but they also tested me for iron and I am in fact anemic (very common, 20% of pregnant women have it). Seems strange as I am a total meat eater… just one more pill for me to take. They put me on Ferralet, which makes me nauseous, so I learned to take it at night with my other vitamins.

2.5 months left to go and it couldn’t come sooner! She is kicking up a storm. I now have to track her kicks twice a day and make sure she kicks 10 times in an hour. She’s kicking about 20 times per hour in the morning and at night, so luckily I have nothing to worry about just yet. Every movement she has been making, including daily hiccups, just reassures me that she is growing, active, and doing well. The worry list just keeps growing… but it will all be worth it 🙂