Baby Registry- Necessities and Luxuries

baby registry checklist

For the past 3 months,  I have researched the crap out of what I need as a First Time Mom (FTM). The baby list is never-ending and manufacturers have thought of just about everything. I’m pretty sure 70% of the items… Continue Reading

Trader Joes Part II- Pregnancy Picks

pregnancy food

After reviewing 30 Trader Joe’s food must-haves… I decided to write about an additional dozen products that are really beneficial for the belly (although my Top 10 Sweet Tooth Items are pretty kick-ass for making any mother-to-be happy).   Trader… Continue Reading

Cheat Sheet for Trader Joes… You’re Welcome!

best trader joe's food

Party Snacks, My Healthy Picks, and a Sweet Tooth With over 420 stores in the US, Trader Joes (TJs) has been a huge staple for us Southern Californians for decades. They originated in the Los Angeles area, but have spread out to about… Continue Reading

My ‘Pregnant Friendly’ Beauty Buys

pregnancy beauty products

Some might call it being over cautious, but it’s good to know that there are products out there that won’t make me think twice. Being pregnant literally sucks the moisture right off my skin, and since I’ve have had previous miscarriages,… Continue Reading

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, a New To-Do – My Top 10 Maternity Essentials

pregnancy outfits

Photo credit: #cyshootsphotos  Dress: All Saints, Riviera, $178 This week, I realized that I needed a major overhaul in my closet. I was reaching the point in my pregnancy where I couldn’t get away with wearing any of my old favorites… Continue Reading

My top 10 Free Pregnancy Apps

free pregnancy apps

What Pregnancy Apps are you using? This is probably one of the most asked questions I am now getting as I enter my 18th week. Apps really have helped me understand more about my pregnancy, as I scroll through them in the… Continue Reading