Does caffeine have a bigger impact on sperm than we realized?

caffeine and fertility

I was watching NBC News last week when this report caught my eye. New studies show that if either a man or woman consume caffeine before pregnancy, their chances of early miscarriage increases by nearly half. This is one of the first… Continue Reading

Bubbles and Bumps is in Vogue magazine!

fertility magazine

OK it may not be quite Vogue… but we are excited to have our first magazine interview published in the worlds No1 fertility magazine  ‘Fertility Road‘.  It tells the story of how Cam and I created ‘Bubbles and Bumps’, the journey… Continue Reading

The Deal with Dairy. Fertility power or poison?

fertility diet

One day I’m told ‘drink 1-2 litres of full fat organic milk a day to help IVF’. The next day I hear ‘avoid dairy it’s poison for fertility’. With all the advice around IVF and diet I often feel like… Continue Reading

My top 10 Free Pregnancy Apps

free pregnancy apps

What Pregnancy Apps are you using? This is probably one of the most asked questions I am now getting as I enter my 18th week. Apps really have helped me understand more about my pregnancy, as I scroll through them in the… Continue Reading

Miscarriage. What went wrong?

missed miscarriage symptoms

In the past year Cam and I have both lost 2 pregnancies and experienced the shock and grief of miscarriage in a variety of ways. Between us we’ve had 1 miscarriage at 5 weeks, 1 chemical pregnancy and 2 ‘missed… Continue Reading

Does low progesterone = miscarriage?

fixing low progesterone levels

After several blood tests recently, we weirdly discovered that we both have shocking low levels of progesterone (levels 1 and 0 when it should be 10 plus).  But why is it bad news and what the heck can we do… Continue Reading

August 2014

trying to get pregnant

Simone: The progesterone diaries. My doctor adds progesterone level testing to my next round of blood work and we discover something new. Mine were way, way too low to create the right conditions for an embryo to survive. Apparently they… Continue Reading