pregnancy week by week

SIMONE – February was a month of cycle classes, waiting for my cycle and a hit of hypnotherapy.   My husband Sean and I spent time trying out new spin studios with classpass (my latest obsession), taking pills to induce my cycle, taking… Continue Reading

September 2014

chances of getting pregnant

CAMELLA: MY LAST 30. It’s been 6 weeks since I first stepped foot into a fertility office (why does this feel like an AA meeting). So far, each step has presented itself with a new “bump” in the road… and not… Continue Reading

August 2014

trying to get pregnant

Simone: The progesterone diaries. My doctor adds progesterone level testing to my next round of blood work and we discover something new. Mine were way, way too low to create the right conditions for an embryo to survive. Apparently they… Continue Reading