Human Growth Hormone – IVF Miracle drug? Or fantasy fuel?

human growth hormone

My doctor highly recommended HGH to improve our embryo quality but at $1,000 a pop is this extra shot just another hyped up drug or could it be the cherry on our baby cake? We tried it for the first… Continue Reading

The super sperm diet: The fastest way to improve semen quality (even morphology).

male fertility tips

People often assume infertility causes are mostly female related, but statistically it is equally a male issue (eg blockages or sperm issues) more info here.  When having sperm tests doctors measure areas such as motility (speed), morphology (number of abnormalities), count and… Continue Reading

Q&A I ask a team of IVF warriors what would they have done differently? And their answers are incredible.

in vitro

Here is the full interview from a wonderful team of IVF warriors and it’s so interesting to see clear patterns of advice, like being open about the process, to go and find the right support and to be your own… Continue Reading

Doctors antioxidant list

vitamin line

Here is the list of antioxidants my doctor gave us to improve our embryo quality.   It’s not cheap and I can’t say it’s not a mission taking so many tablets every day but it’s worth a pop.  On top of this… Continue Reading

Adapted Paleo: My YES and NO food list

paleo fertility diet

I love a check list so here is my adapted Paleo YES & NO foods list: YES YES YES ORGANIC AND FREE RANGE: Whenever I can.  Otherwise I choose low toxic, wildly caught, no pesticides and fairly treated. PROTEIN: With… Continue Reading