In preparation for our final round of IVF (No 5) my RE recommended I did one more test to check that my uterine lining was in tip top condition and to rest my mind about potential immunity issues that could prevent a healthy pregnancy. After waiting 2 weeks the Yale Test results came back.

This test involved 2 biopsies to check for many possible fertility issues from endometriosis, immunity issues, infection, and most of all embryo implantation. I wanted to do it for peace of mind and especially because I’ve never had the full immunity panel tests.  Immunity/ Natural Killer cells have always been a concern of mine so I needed some clarity.

The good news is the results came back within 2 weeks and they were all clear. No signs of infection, no cancer cells, no scar tissue and my lining is likely to be receptive for an embryo (see document/ cell images below).

It was a relief because I can go into IVF knowing we are ready. On the other hand we are still left wondering what the problem is/ has been all along? My RE is hoping we have found and fixed the main issues (my septate uterus and husbands sperm DNA fragmentation) so now maybe we just need some serious luck.

Dates wise May is going to be too hectic for us to try and my husband is traveling to Burma for work. This adds an extra complication because there is currently Zika here so he needs to freeze several samples of his sperm. My RE said she will not do any treatment on men or women for at least 6 months beyond traveling to a Zika risk country. So I will probably go for an ultrasound in June and if everything looks good then we’ll go ahead.

I’m trying to not let the pressure of this ‘last chance saloon’ build but sometimes it’s like being in Vegas sitting at the high rollers table, with our life resting on one final roll of the dice. Euugh!  If it doesn’t work then we will walk away knowing we tried everything. We can then move forward and fully open ourselves up to the potentials of new ways of having our family.


yale test results