What he can expect Front Cover

A must read for guys but is girl friendly too.  Cam and I discovered this gem in our doctors waiting room and bought it for our husbands to read.  It’s funny, down to earth and relatable.  We love how Marc helped our guys understand what the entire process is really like for women.  Even better it’s a nice fast read.




The focus is on Eastern / Chinese medicine and how lifestyle, diet and herbs can improve imbalances.  If you can’t go to acupuncture there are illustrations to show acupressure points.  Lots of research can feel very in depth so it’s not a light read but I love how this counters the Western belief that your cycle is 1 month (it’s actually 3 months) and that you can’t improve ‘older’ eggs (you can with diet and lifestyle changes). This book offers natural options but also gives support when going through fertility treatment.

Beer is your body babt friendly? 51EonO1CMDL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_ This is the book I have been advised to get numerous times after repeat IVF failure. It answers everything you need to know about immunology issues, NK cells and the reasons the body can reject an embryo.  This controversial subject (doctors are split into believers and non believers) is fully explained in this book and written by a doctor who specialized in immunity problems with infertility. A must read if you are experiencing unexplained infertility, repeat miscarriages, IVF failure or if you want to know more about immunology issues.