hCG trigger injection

I’ve now tried 2 different hCG trigger injections so was fascinated to know which one was best? Here’s the important tips and facts I discovered:


There are many brands of the trigger e.g. Ovidrel, Novarel, Ovarel, Profasi and Pregnyl. But they are all essentially the hCG hormone and they do the same job: helps both mature and release the eggs. They seem to have different quantities of hCG and some RE’s give you one brand for IUI and one for IVF.


Not all pharmacies carry the hCG trigger so I had to go to a specialist. Brands like like Novarel use natural hCG extracted from the pee of pregnant women (eww) and you need to mix this at home, some are synthetic like Ovidrel and it comes ready mixed.


Some like Novarel have the long needle (in the main photo) that my husband had to stab in my butt (best technique is fast and hard at a 90 degree angle and ice the area first!). Ovidrel was an easier option that I did it myself in my stomach – also best with a fast stabbing motion at a 90 degree angle as the needle is slightly less sharp. It took a few attempts but again it was pretty painless (more on my trigger experience here).


For IUI ovulation happens 24-36 hours after trigger. My apt was 9.30am the next day which was 21 hours after. I was told to have sex 2 nights before so there would be sperm ready and waiting in the uterus as they can last for up to 5 days hanging out in there. For IVF they seem to do the hCG trigger then retrieve the eggs within 12 hours because they don’t want the follicles to release eggs naturally. They just want them to finish maturing.


This also varies. The dose I was given for Ovidrel was = 0.5ml. For Novaril it was 10,000 units.

6) COST:

Varies between $30-140. I paid $80 and that was with some insurance.


I don’t really notice much difference as I’m already swollen and uncomfortable from stims apart from some twinges. Some women experience headaches, fatigue, sore breasts, abdominal discomfort, irritability and water retention.

8) 1 SQUIRT OR 2?

We were told to have sex 2 nights before IUI so there was sperm ready and waiting for when I ovulated and then I would have only one squirt (insemination) if my follicles looked like they’re set to ovulate. In the past we had always done 2 squirts but it depends on your RE.


The hCG trigger is also called the pregnancy hormone because this is what the home pregnancy tests detect. It takes up to 2 weeks for the trigger hormone ‘hCG’ to leave your body so if you test early you may be picking up this and not the pregnancy (false positive). So although it’s hard to resist it’s not worth it!