When Cam and I heard about this fertility retreat in the Hollywood hills we knew it sounded like a great idea but it was even better than we expected (see VIDEO below). The day was organized by health retreat queens Julie and Candice of ‘Birds of a Feather’ and led by celebrity Doula & healer Lori Bregman, fertility acupuncturist Laura Erlich, and Crystal healer Heather Askinosie.

It started off by a little group introduction which turned into a deeper ‘getting to know you’ session, this was a really healing start and so interesting to talk and hear about all the different stories with like minded and supportive women. Lori then talked about her background and how she has helped hundreds of women go through the birthing process along with her best tips when preparing for pregnancy from her book ‘The Mindful Mom-to-Be’ such as great foods to eat and tips for conceiving such as:

  • Choosing the best exercise eg one that isn’t too intense so you can retain some vital baby making energy.
  • Writing a nurture list of 10 things that make you happy and to put on your wall to remind yourself so the stress can melt away.
  • Do and eat things as if you’re already pregnant to get yourself in that mind set.

Whilst eating a divine feast for lunch we heard from Laura who talked in detail about the importance of acupuncture and brilliant fertility foods such as ‘bone broth’ – which I felt sick at the thought of but then decided I would at least try the organic free range chicken option… which was bit strong at first but mixed in with soup/ or for cooking works well. She also highly recommended:

  • The blood test for the MTHFR gene mutation because it can cause a whole number of problems with conception and pregnancy listed here (as I discovered like 1 in 4 of the population I have this gene!)
  • Take good quality cod liver oil for its omega benefits eg this one by Green Pastures.
  • To drink warm liquids and eat soups to nourish our bodies for implantation.

Lori then led a great yoga class before Heather talked us through the powerful role crystals can play in preparing for a baby (and during and after..) and how certain stones are fertility focused like moon stones and rose quartz (hence why I am now carrying these around in my bra like a mad woman). But how it is also important to charge them with positive affirmations first (who knew?).

We finished the day off with a little affirmation ceremony burning our old negative beliefs (written on a piece of paper) like our very own mini ‘Burning Man’ festival… then creating new hopes and dreams or should I say ‘commanding’ our new hopes and dreams  – because if you’re going to put it out there you might as well command it!

Overall it was really informative, nourishing and fun day, our only complaint is we wish there were more of these events for women going through their fertility journeys because boy do we need em!

Here’s a little highlights video of the day….